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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Clark&Kent: Phone Booth Business Card

Clark&Kent: Phone Booth Business Card: Clark&Kent: Phone Booth Business Card
Clark&Kent is the smallest ad agency in the world with headquarters in a phone booth in New York. Here is the C&K business card. And of course…it’s a phone booth!
Advertising Agency: Clark&Kent, New York, USA
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Sunday, May 27, 2012

iPhone Business Cards Will Make People Remember You…Or Confuse Them

iPhone Business Cards Will Make People Remember You…Or Confuse Them:
If I owned my own business I would probably want a business card that people would think was cool, instead of some standard, white and flimsy model that’s simple and to the point, because let’s be honest: those get thrown away.  Now Beasty Design offers a card that is both funny and hip, that would definitely make a recipient go “Ha! An iPhone!”  The cards come with a glossy finish, and come in a pack of 350, which you will hopefully be able to use up before the iPhone 5 is released or as it’s known in society “The exact moment your business card becomes obsolete.”  I would also recommend possibly thinking about the potential of getting phone calls like “Hey, Greg, we met last week at that charity event.  Listen, I keep getting that spinning wheel on my iPad.  Do you think I have a virus?”  when in fact you’re a used car salesman.  I don’t know, just me.