Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cool and Unusual Business Cards


Cool and Unusual Business Cards

Collection of the most creative business card designs from around the world.

Unique business card replicates the functionality of a scratch console to instantly draw attention to the DJ’s profession. [link]

Turntable Business Card

Twitter Business Card

Modern business card designed to look like aTwitter profile page. [link]

Twitter Business Card

Creative business card designed for La Cambre architecture school. [link]

LEGO Business Card

Meat Business Card

Edible laser etched business card made from organic beef jerky. [link]

Meat Business Card

Via the use of two rubber inserts, Dr. Hajnal Kiprov’s business card shows the effect of cosmetic surgery. [link]

Cosmetic Surgery Business Card

Shipping Box Business Card

Tam Cargo’s unique business card transforms into a shipping box. [link]

Brilliant business card invites you to “Google” the name on the card. [link]

Google Me Business Card

USB Business Card

Innovative business card will transfer data to your computer. [link]

Edible business card made for the Bombay Bakery in Pakistan. [link]

Cookie Business Card

Facebook Business Card

Jean-Baptiste Gouraud’s business card was inspired by Facebook. [link]

Facebook Business Card

Unique business card designed for Norburn Model Aircraft Supply. [link]

Airplane Business Card

Hair Business Card

Cool business cards for Glammer Education Institute of Hair Design allow for shapes to be cut out with scissors, creating unique hair styles. [link]

Hair Business Card

Clever business card designed for a fitnessinstructor in Dubai. [link]

Fitness Trainer Business Card

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